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Connecting digital marketing
with real life advertisements


Combining modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and face detection, our system accurately targets campaigns to the screens and measures their outcome.


Reach your target audience and get the most out of your marketing budget. You only pay for your ad's audience views.


Monetize your traffic. Connect with trusted advertisers to get paid for traffic to your premises.

Online management and access

Use the web interface to get your campaign up and running quickly and easily. You can edit your ongoing campaigns based on real-time reports and statistics. You can change not only the campaign visual, the budget per day, but also the target audience.


Offline reach

Our screens have a strong visual impact. Unlike online marketing on the web, ads on the our platform are tangible and in the real world. They cannot be blocked by software, passers-by cannot close or stop watching them.

Advanced technologies

With our own face detection software, online data and artificial intelligence, our platform represents the next generation of advertising. Our platform combines the best of offline and online marketing to create effective and versatile ads.

Face Frame

Advertising effectiveness

Target your ad campaigns to the target audience by gender and age. You can also choose to automatically show your ads based on the weather, temperature, or specific time. However, you only pay to see your ad by your target audience.



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